Review – Woonsocket, RI Home Addition

Dear Joe:

We are in the early stages of planning and development, however the renderings we were presented with exceeded our expectations. Quite frankly we were very concerned how a 20’ x 28’ addition would look on our gambrel. We are very excited to be working with Modern Yankee Builders.

The owner of Modern Yankee Builders is extremely detail oriented. The conceptual design phase is the most critical of any project and our great room addition was masterfully planned out. We had several meetings to change and review the project which led to a very smooth construction phase. When you enter our home it appears that the room was always there. Modern Yankee Builders also carried this to the outdoors. The back door was integrated into the new roofline allowing for a seamless transition. The room is stunning and was completed ahead of schedule.

Modern Yankee Builders was fabulous to work with. We were provided with a detailed spreadsheet indicating what would be worked on each day. There was never any guesswork as to when things would be completed. This made the project worry free on our part and that is exactly what my husband wanted.

Carol Langley