It starts with you. You have an idea how to make your home feel even more like yours. You don’t even know if it’s possible, but if it is, it will be perfect.

Modern Yankee is a leading design and construction company in the Southern New England area. We have a history of award-winning construction and the kind of innovative design you need to bring that perfect idea to life. Our Design/Build process manages every aspect of a project, from conceptualization to completion, and guarantees our quality of craftsmanship and service.

Design/Build is a single package, combining all aspects of our individual remodeling and home design services. It assures that we can adhere to schedule and budget needs without unexpected setbacks or costs. Modern Yankee experience guarantees efficiency, quality, and courtesy throughout every step of the Design/Build process.

You have the idea. We want to know about it. Call Modern Yankee to discuss your project plans and parameters, and together we will determine if Modern Yankee’s proven Design/Build service is right for you.

The Modern Yankee Design/Build Process

    The Modern Yankee Design/Build Process is our proven four step system. This system guides the project from the initial call until the final review. The owner of Modern Yankee is the project leader for every Design/Build process, personally overseeing every aspect of the project and providing you with a single point of contact for every question you may have. He is responsible for creating and maintaining the project schedule. This schedule includes the design process, budgeting and planning, creation of construction drawings and documents, and all phases of construction.

    With the Design/Build process, Modern Yankee is able to plan and complete each phase of the project to our standards. It guarantees our innovative designs and leading construction experience throughout the build. It guarantees our work within an agreed upon schedule, and within your budgeting needs.

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    Step 1: Consultation

    Goal: The Consultation is the first phase of the Design/Build process, meant to determine if Modern Yankee Builders is the perfect fit for your project.

    Cost: Complimentary

    The Design/Build consultation is complimentary, allowing both sides to gather the information needed to make an informed decision over the course of a phone call and an in-home consultation.

    In the initial phone call, Modern Yankee learns about your project and answers any questions you may have about our company.

    Next, we schedule an in-home client consultation to further discuss your project, including your wish list, budget, and time line. We also use this time to answer any further questions about Modern Yankee and our Design/Build process.

    Just as you meet with multiple remodeling firms to find the best match for your project, our Design/Build team selects the projects that are the best match for our company.

    Together, we decide to move forward to the Conceptual Design Phase.

    Step 2: Conceptual Design

    Goal: Conceptual Design is the second phase of the Design/Build process, meant to produce design ideas to meet your needs within your budget.

    Cost: To move forward, our clients sign a Design Agreement which includes a fee. This fee is dependent on project scope, usually 2% – 3% of the total construction budget. Larger projects sometimes have a lower percentage design fee due to a better economy of scale.

    At the second phase, Modern Yankee works closely with you to understand the finer details of the project. We discuss the specific project budget and goals, the must haves and the wish list.  We document the area to be remodeled with plans and photos.

    With a thorough understanding of the project, Modern Yankee begins to conceptualize design solutions. We present several innovative options for the project and discuss associated pricing estimates to help you determine the best solutions for you.

    Once you determine the best solution for your project, we move into the Plan Finalization phase.

    Step 3: Plan Finalization

    Goal: Plan Finalization is the third phase of the Design/Build process, meant to turn conceptual designs into a buildable project, complete a final fixed-price Construction Agreement which includes drawings, a highly-detailed Scope of Work and a comprehensive Project Schedule. 

    Cost: Hourly Rate (approximately 6% of construction costs)

    The Plan Finalization phase is comprised of design development and creation of construction documents.

    Design development starts with an in-depth investigation of structural or mechanical challenges facing the project. We start choosing the materials to be used in the construction phase.  As issues are resolved and materials chosen, Modern Yankee provides refined design documents and cost estimates.

    Next, we create all of the documents and plans needed to begin construction. Modern Yankee will create and provide construction documents, including all working drawings and specifications, a detailed list of materials, a project schedule and a final fixed-price for the project. These documents determine a final fixed-price cost estimate.

    Once the construction agreement is signed, Modern Yankee Builders will begin construction.

    Step 4: Construction

    Goal: The fourth and final step of our Design/Build process, the Construction phase brings to life the designs we created together.

    Cost: Fixed Price Agreement determined in Step 3.

    All of the planning from the previous phases makes the final phase of our Design/Process as easy as possible. The remodel is executed to every pre-determined detail. We provide regular progress meetings to communicate updates throughout construction.

    Every member of the Modern Yankee Builder construction team is professional, licensed, and insured. Our workers operate with the utmost care and consideration of your home throughout the entire project.

    Have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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