Review – Intricate Repair Work

Dear Joe:

When we needed intricate repair work done on our home, we chose to hire Modern Yankee Builders because of our familiarity with your company. In the end, we were more than pleased with the results.

The biggest challenge you had to face was overcoming the mistake of a prior contractor. Some of the work had been done a year earlier by a contractor who botched it up. Correcting it was extremely tricky. For example, a set of French doors had not been installed quite right and had to be disassembled and reworked in order to fit properly. Know you are a craftsman vs. just a carpenter was one of the reasons we wanted you to do the job for us in the first place.

In addition to the quality work, we respect your integrity for returning phone calls. quickly and showing up when you said you would. The reason I continue to recommend you is because it won’t come back to embarrass me later. My reputation as a Realtor is all I have to go by and if I recommend contractors that don’t do good work, it reflects back on me! I don’t have to worry about that with Modern Yankee Builders.

Thank you for the great job, for your responsiveness, and for being a true professionalism in every right.

Best regards,
David and Nancy Miles