Review – 1897 Front Porch

Dear Joe:

I am writing to express my thanks to Modern Yankee Builders for a job well done on my front porch.

Being a former architectural designer, I am very detail-oriented and pickier than your average customer. Also, my home was built in 1897 so I expected my renovations would have its share of challenges.

I didn’t expect a full teardown of my porch, but the deck boards were spongy and there was a lot of rot in the framing. Only the roof rafters were salvageable. You managed to find a way to re-frame the porch, suggest different materials, and keep the exiting brick piers, which I really appreciated.

The porch is such a prominent feature on my home, and we really can enjoy spending time on it. I’ve dealt with a number of contractors on smaller projects, like painting, since working with Modern Yankee Builders and have always had problems due to their lack of professionalism. You are known for your quality of work, attention to detail, and your complete professionalism and for that reason I have recommended – and will continue to recommend – your company to others.

Michael O’Beirne