Welcome to our greenhouse! Not the place where plants are cultivated…we mean the type of house that’s green …environmentally friendly, ecologically sound, as good for its inhabitants as it is for the world.

To be sure, green is on the tip of everyone’s tongue and there’s a lot of ‘green-washing’ going on…people jumping on the green bandwagon, as it were. OK. We see it, too. But we think that it’s better than no one jumping on the bandwagon.

We’ve come a long way since the solar houses of the 70s. There’s a lot of new technology around making our lives more comfortable than ever [as I write this, I am 2300 miles from my office and it’s just like I never left...for better or worse….and when I’m done, I can check my email, look up some new products on the web and add a few more people to my Contacts list…right from my phone]. All this technology is making everything smarter…phones, appliances, cars, houses …and it’s starting to make things greener, too.

Access to green products and information is now just a click away on the web. There is no reason we shouldn’t be greener than we used to be…and there are plenty of reasons why we need to be. I encourage you to read on to better understand what green means to us, why it should be important to you, and how we're committed to green remodeling.